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  • The differences between WIFI5 and WIFI6

     1. Network security protocol In wireless networks, the importance of network security cannot be overemphasized. Wifi is a wireless network that allows multiple devices and users to connect to the Internet through a single access point. Wifi is also commonly used in public places, where there is ...
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  • Key differences between GPON, XG-PON and XGS-PON

    Key differences between GPON, XG-PON and XGS-PON

    In today's communication Network field, PassiveOptical Network (PON) technology has gradually occupied an important position in the mainstream communication network with its advantages of high speed, long distance and no noise. Among them, GPON, XG-PON and XGS-PON are th...
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  • what is dci.

    what is dci.

    To meet the needs of enterprises for multi-service support and users for high-quality network experiences across geographies, data centers are no longer “islands”; they need to be interconnected to share or back up data and achieve load balancing. According to the market research repo...
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  • New product WiFi 6 AX3000 XGPON ONU

    New product WiFi 6 AX3000 XGPON ONU

    Our company Shenzhen HUANET Technology CO., Ltd brings the WIFI6 XG-PON Optical Network Terminal(HGU) designed for FTTH scenario to the market. It supports L3 function to help subscriber construct intelligent home network. It provides subscribers rich, colorful, individu...
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  • ZTE XGS-PON and XG-PON board

    ZTE XGS-PON and XG-PON board

    Super large capacity and large bandwidth: provides 17 slots for service cards. Separated control and forwarding: The switching control card supports redundancy on the management and control plane, and the switch card supports load sharing of dual planes. High density por...
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  • Waht is MESH network

    Waht is MESH network

    Mesh network is “wireless grid network”, is a “multi-hop” network, is developed from ad hoc network, is one of the key technologies to solve the “last mile” problem. In the process of the evolution to the next generation network, wireless is an indispensable te...
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  • Huawei XGS-PON and XG-PON board

    Huawei XGS-PON and XG-PON board

    Huawei SmartAX EA5800 series OLT products include four models: EA5800-X17, EA5800-X15, EA5800-X7, and EA5800-X2. They support GPON, XG-PON, XGS-PON, GE, 10GE and other interfaces. MA5800 series include three sizes of large, medium and small, namely MA5800-X17, MA5800-X7 ...
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  • Huawei GPON Service Boards for MA5800 OLT

    Huawei GPON Service Boards for MA5800 OLT

    There are many types of service borads for Huawei MA5800 series OLT, GPHF board, GPUF board, GPLF Board, GPSF board and etc. All these boards are GPON Boards. These 16-port GPON interface board that works with ONU (Optical Network Unit) devices to implement GPON service access. Huawei 16-GPON Por...
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  • ONU and Modem

    ONU and Modem

    1, optical modem is the optical signal into the Ethernet electrical signal equipment, optical modem is originally called modem, is a kind of computer hardware, is in the sending end through the modulation of digital signals into analog signals, and at the receiving end t...
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  • How is the onu deployed?

    How is the onu deployed?

    In general, ONU devices can be classified according to various application scenarios, such as SFU, HGU, SBU, MDU, and MTU. 1. SFU ONU deployment The advantage of this deployment mode is that the network resources are relatively rich, and it is suitable for independent ho...
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  • The new generation ZTE OLT

    The new generation ZTE OLT

    TITAN is a full-converged OLT platform with the largest capacity and highest integration in the industry launched by ZTE. On the basis of inheriting the functions of the previous generation C300 platform, Titan continues to improve the basic bandwidth capability of FTTH,...
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  • Advantages of CloudEngine S6730-H-V2 series 10GE switch

    Advantages of CloudEngine S6730-H-V2 series 10GE switch

    CloudEngine S6730-H-V2 series switches are a new generation of enterprise-level core and aggregation switches, with high performance, high reliability, cloud management and intelligent operation and maintenance capabilities. Built for security, iot and cloud. It can be w...
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