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Huawei S3300 Series Switches

  • S3300 Series Enterprise Switches

    S3300 Series Enterprise Switches

    S3300 switches (S3300 for short) are next-generation Layer-3 100-megabit Ethernet switches developed by Huawei to carry various services on Ethernets, which provide powerful Ethernet functions for carriers and enterprise customers. Utilizing next-generation high-performance hardware and Huawei Versatile Routing Platform (VRP) software, the S3300 supports enhanced selective QinQ, line-speed cross-VLAN multicast duplication, and Ethernet OAM. It also supports carrier-class reliability networking technologies including Smart Link (applicable to tree networks) and RRPP (applicable to ring networks). The S3300 can be used as an access device in a building or a convergence and access device on a Metro network. The S3300 supports easy installation, automatic configuration, and plug-and-play, which dramatically reduces the network deployment cost of customers.