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Power meter

  • CWDM Optical Power Meter

    CWDM Optical Power Meter

    The CWDM Optical Power Meteris a very powerful tool for the most demanding applications such as high-speed  CWDM network qualification.With more than 40 calibrated wavelengths, including all CWDM wavelengths, it allows for user-defined measurement wavelengths,using the interpolation method between calibrated points. Use its Hold Min/Max Power function to measure system power burst or fluctuations.

  • Optical Power Meter

    Optical Power Meter

    Portable optical power meter is an accurate and durable handheld meter designed for the installation, operation and maintenance of optical fibre network. It is a compact device with backlight switch and auto power on-off ability. Besides, it provides ultra-wide measurement range, high accuracy, user self-calibration function and universal port. In addition, it displays linear indicators (mW) and non-linear indicators (dBm) in one screen at the same time.

  • PON Optical Power

    PON Optical Power

    High Precision Power Meter Tester ,JW3213  PON Optical Power Meter  is able to simultaneously test and estimate the signals of the voice, data and video.

    It is an essential and ideal tool for the construction and maintenance of the PON projects.