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What is AOC

AOC Active Optical cable, also known as Active Optical Cables, refers to the communication cables that require external energy to convert electrical signals into optical signals or optical signals into electrical signals. Optical transceivers at both ends of the cable provide photoelectric conversion and optical transmission functions to improve the transmission speed and distance of the cable. Without compromising compatibility with standard electrical interfaces.

AOC active cable comes in a hot-swapable package type with common transmission rates of 10G, 25G, 40G, 100G, 200G and 400G. It has a full metal case and 850nm VCSEL light source, which meets RoHS environmental standards.

With the continuous maturity and improvement of communication technology, the expansion of data center room area and the increase of trunk subsystem cable transmission distance, the advantages of AOC active cable are more significant. Compared with independent components such as transceivers and fiber jumpers, the system does not have the problem of cleaning optical interfaces. This improves system stability and reliability and reduces maintenance costs in the equipment room. Compared with copper cable, AOC active cable is more suitable for future product wiring, and can be applied to data center, consumer electronics, high performance computing (HPC), digital signage and other products and industries, to meet the development trend of constantly upgrading the network. It has the following advantages:

1. Lower transmission power consumption

2. Stronger anti-electromagnetic interference capability

3. Lighter weight: only 4/1 of the directly connected copper cable

4, smaller volume: about half of the copper cable

5. Smaller bending radius of the cable

6, further transmission distance: 1-300 meters

7. More bandwidth

8, better heat dissipation

Post time: Nov-15-2022